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Taeyeon IGAB Folder Icon Pack by Rizzie23 Taeyeon IGAB Folder Icon Pack by Rizzie23
Day 4 of my ten-day Taeyeon's birthday challenge. I made another IGAB pack, it's different from the previous ones I posted here. Taeyeonnie was so cute in this photo shoot. She's super adorable with her mushroom/little prince wig right?. Anyway, this icon pack, I like it at first but now I think it's too damn colorful. huhu. It is starting to hurt my eyes. :(. But I still hope you guys will like this. If you want me to do this for the other members too, tell me okay?.

Special thanks to soshikeychain for the emblem.:)

How to change your folder icons:

* I advise you to place the icons in a place where you can't accidentally delete it, that's important. And use the icons found in the "ICO" folder if you're a windows user. Of course, the icons in the "Mac OS (ICNS) folder are for Mac Users. Don't mind the PNGs, unless you want to use them for something else.*

*Instructions for Windows OS users:
1. Right click on the folder you wanna change.
2. Select "Properties".
3. Click on the "Customize" tab.
4. Click on the "Change Icon" button.
5. Browse for the folder icon replacement you want ( the one you downloaded, should be in ICO format)
6. Select the icon of your choice
7. Click "Apply"
8. Click "Okay" and then you're done.:) (Smile)

Enjoy Customizing:) (Smile)

Don't forget to comment and put this on your favorites if you like it.:) (Smile)
SNSDraimakim Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Hyoyeon unnie :)
Rizzie23 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
haha okay.. You don't mind that this is too colorful?..I'll use this one for Hyo @ and her own name emblem of course. :). I think it will turn out better cos her IGAB album emblem is less colorful than taeyonnie's..
SNSDraimakim Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Student Interface Designer's ok :) its really cute 
for me it suit on taeng Picture she look so pretty 
sure2x thank you
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March 3, 2014
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